Sabina entered the jazz world first as a passionate gig goer. Soon she got to make a lot of friends amongst musicians and people enthusiastic about live music. But it wasn’t until she came to the UK that she got involved with jazz professionally. Turning a new leaf meant turning to new possibilities.                                                                   
Originally from Poland, she had studied in London and after a few years of separation decided to come back and immerse herself in the rich cultural life here. Expressing her love for music, and especially live jazz, she was listings editor at Jazz Services for nearly three years. She also represented British Jazz at JazzAhead! trade fair in Bremen, Germany and at Jazz Dag in Rotterdam, the Netherlands.                                                                                                                             
Over the years, Sabina and Mo’ Connections have collaborated with numerous artists, providing booking, project management, consultation and career advice services. We keep these professional and often personal friendships alive and so there is a fantastic network of connections that we have in the art world. It was a great pleasure to work with the likes of Dennis Rollins, Oran Etkin, Dominic J Marshall – who all have been on our roster – as well as be part of projects with Georgia Mancio, Charnett Moffett, and more. Currently Sabina is proud to be working with the Polish pianist Kasia Pietrzko, the American saxophonist and educator Jessica Jones, among others.                                                                                                                             
Vocationally, Sabina is an art historian and critic, writing for art magazines and other art publications. She was a teacher and delivered lectures on art. She also curated and organised exhibitions and was involved in creating workshop programmes for the Biennale of Art for Children. She has experience in art event co-ordination and is a keen collaborator on projects encompassing all art forms, providing support and career development consultations. 


- "It all started when the wonderful Christine Tobin asked me to do a little bit of research. Eventually, I got to work on a few international projects with her and it was an inspiring beginning of a great adventure.
My involvement with Jazz Services was invaluable and becoming part of the jazz community in the UK was both a great joy and a challenge. I’m incredibly thrilled that I can work with the fantastic musicians and present such a varied roster of artists, from the long established and revered to the up-and-coming."
Sabina Czajkowska

- "Sabina is dynamic, enthusiastic and a great person to work with. Her approach combines creativity, drive and an innate passion for the music."
Christine Tobin










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